Writing isn’t always fun nor easy, but there are some things that help me to get a jump-start on my words.

  1. Reading something really bad. No, honestly, when a story hits a sour note with me, it sparks about a thousand things that I want to fix or that I would do differently if I were writing the story. That’s actually where several of my favorite stories got their start.
  2. Reading something really good. Or, really, reading in general. Inevitably, it shakes something loose in my imagination. Sometimes it helps me work through a plot tangle or opens a storyline I hadn’t previously thought of. Words in = words out.
  3. Mood music. I actually keep separate playlists for each story, often for each character or mood that I’m trying to channel. It helps to keep me in that character’s mind and body.
  4. Feedback. Especially from my critique partner, my writing kiddo, and my wife. I find that I work better and quicker if I can share bits and pieces as I go. Knowing that someone is enjoying my work makes me much more eager to keep churning it out.
  5. Time of day. I seem to focus better late at night than I do during the day. I’ve tried getting up early to get my work done before the stresses of the dayjob get to me. All I do is stare at the screen. But once I’m home, in my comfy pajamas, with my puppy and my heated blanket and nothing to do but write for the rest of the day? Ah, bliss.

Be sure to also check out my sister blog, written by Rachel Serbicki.


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