Welcome back to another Twin Thursday! Since I wrapped up edits last week, Rachel and I are back on track with doing dual posts. Be sure to head over to Chicken-Scratch Plot and check hers out!

For this week, Rachel and I are looking at five things we’d love to try eventually in our fiction but haven’t yet. But, hey, we’re young! There may come a time when one of these elements finds their way into a story!

  1. Sinesthesia. It’s an unusual condition, but the idea has always appealed to me. That a character could taste sounds or see smells. There’s an awful lot of research I’d have to do first, though, and I don’t yet have a strong story concept that I’d like to marry this to.
  2. The Villian’s Story. I actually do have a story simmering in the back of my mind that this might fit for. I love to someday write a novel that allows the reader to follow the presumptive hero on their rise to power (or descent into shadows) only to find they’ve been rooting for the bad guy all along.
  3. War. I’ve written a few battles and a lot of political scheming, but I’ve never actually written a full war, with all its intricacies and battles and strategy. I think it would be fun one day!
  4. An honest-to-gods romance. Something else that sounds fun but I’ve never successfully managed. I’ve got two stories that I’ve started off thinking they were romance, but they both quickly became political scheming with a romantic subplot. The relationship kind of slides to secondary focus.
  5. Suspense/thriller. As fun as they are to read, that edge of your seat from the very beginning kind of story has never happened for me when I’ve sat down to write. It’s a delicate balancing act to maintain and grow that kind of singing tension on every page, and I’m not sure I’m quite up to it yet. But I’m sure willing to try someday! 

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