Hey, all! It’s Twin Thursday again, so I’m back with another sister post with Rachel from Chicken-Scratch Plot. Be sure to follow the link in the top menu over to her blog when you’re done here to see her take!

It’s once again time for NaNo or National Novel Writing Month! If you tried Camp this past summer, NaNo is the original thirty-day wordsprint. It runs a little differently than Camp does; there are no cabins, for one thing, and everyone has an unalterable 50k wordcount goal to hit within the month. But there are people (like yours truly) who still bend the rules or who set personal goals to hit as well. These are mine:

  1. Write every day. I’m supposed to be doing this anyway, but I don’t always. During the course of the year, this goal usually becomes the more lax “Do something writing-related every day” whether that’s reading, writing, research, or so on. But for NaNo, I try to stick to the letter of the rule, even if it’s only a hundred words or so.
  2. Finish my current project. This is more important to me than hitting the 50k mark, especially since it’s unlikely that it’ll take me quite that long. I don’t know how long this part of the project will end up being. It could be anywhere between 10 and 40k, but I won’t know until I actually get all of the scenes on the screen.
  3. Do a quick touch-up edit. As always happens with trashdrafts, I realized I’d done a few things wrong/out of order as I was going. The rules I’ve set for myself say that I can’t go back and make changes until the draft is done. Therefore, I’m hoping that I’ll finish the trashdraft with enough time to go back and make those small fixes before I send it off to my voracious hoarde of betas and CPs.

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