Blessed be! It’s right about mid-month, so let’s do some accounting on my goals so far!

  1. Notes for Kheras: So far, so good! Scrivener tells me I have eighteen scenes left to do revision notes for, and I have nineteen days left in the month. With any luck, I’ll actually be able to finish ahead of schedule and start moving my attentions over to my project for February to smooth the transition.
  2. Touch base with my betas: Sooorta? I had a great conversation with one of them last night, in fact. Another has made quite a bit of progress, but we’ve decided that–in the name of not distracting me from Kheras–we wouldn’t talk in depth about it just yet. The last is waiting until I’ve taken my moratorium off such talk to start reading it, which is probably fair.
    An important thing that I’ve learned from this is that I don’t do well with closed-door betas. I like to be able to interact with my betas in real-time as they read, geeking about favorite bits and one-liners and combing through plot tangles. It’s all part of the learning curve for me, though.
  3. Finish Transformation by Carol Berg: Done! I’m now working through the sequel, RevelationI’ll update you on that bit of progress toward the end of the month.
  4. Bonus Goal–Work Every Day: It’s been rough, but I’ve done it so far. No matter how long or bad the day, even when I’ve gotten sick, I have set aside time each and every night to write, read, or blog. We’ll see if I can keep this up the entire year!

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