Blessed be! Thanks for joining me for month-end! Let’s see how we’re doing so far in 2017!

  1. Notes for Kheras: Done! I finished these about a week ago, so I’ve been making the transition to my note project for February. More on that below!
  2. Touch base with my betas: Done! Now that I’m done working on the Kheras notes, I’ve been able to open the door to discussion on Virtues and gauge interest. Feedback should start flowing in by the end of February or so is my hope. I know one thing: I am never doing a closed-door beta again. I thrive on the interaction!
  3. Finish Transformation by Carol Berg: Done! This one, I accomplished pretty early on in the month, so I’ve moved on to the rest of the trilogy. More details below!
  4. Bonus Goal–Work Every Day: Twenty-six days and going strong! Pat on the back!

Looking ahead to February, now, what’s on the docket?

  1. Writing: Notes for Noble Virtues- The first book of my vampire history is much longer than Kheras’s rough draft, so I’m hoping to get through the first third in the next month. The first half, if I’m aiming for the moon.
  2. Reading: Finish the Rai-Kirah trilogy by Carol Berg- I’m just a few chapters from the end of the second book, REVELATIONLast up will be the finale, RESTORATION
  3. Bonus Goal: Work Every Day- With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this month promises to be among the busiest of the year. Still, I’m committed to doing something pertaining to my work each and every day.

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