Blessed be, all! It’s the last Thursday of the month, so it’s time to look back on how I did on my goals. As you may have noticed, it was a bit of a rough one, so without further ado–

  1. Writing: Notes for Noble Virtues- I did get a healthy start, but I didn’t quite manage to finish the first third of the book. I’m only a couple thousand words from that, though, so there’s technically a chance I could still accomplish it before we flip the calendars to March.
  2. Reading: Finish the Rai-Kirah trilogy by Carol Berg- I finished REVELATION a few days after my goal post went live in January, and it actually managed to redeem what was otherwise a rocky read for me. Loved the beginning, struggled through the middle, but the ending pulled it up strong. RESTORATION, however…It’s a much stronger book than Revelation. I’m enjoying it much more. I just couldn’t seem to make the time it deserves so I can sit down and just do it, so I’ve only gotten six or seven chapters in so far.
  3. Bonus Goal: Work Every Day- Not even close. Several days of the month, I didn’t even see my bed before it was already the next day, just to turn around and go back into work six hours later. And that was on top of getting sick. I’m still new to this whole prioritizing-self-care thing, so I didn’t want to push it.

But! One bad month doesn’t mean I get to take the rest of the year easy. It’s time to get back in the saddle and get my butt to work. So we’ll be taking another crack at all these goals.

  1. Writing: Notes for Noble Virtues- For March, I want the whole thing annotated so I can put it away to cool in time for Camp. At which point, I’ll be going back to Kheras to start my first round of revisions! Wish me luck!
  2. Reading: Finish the Rai-Kirah trilogy by Carol Berg- I am bound and determined to give RESTORATION the time it deserves and finish it by the end of March!
  3. Bonus Goal: Work Every Day- This one will be hard. Trying to get my brain back into daily work after having to take so much time off is like herding cats. Every time I rally my willpower, I find something shiny. I’m going to manage it, though!

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