Blessed be, everyone! If you’ve found your way here, you’re either interested in writing or else very, very lost. If the former, welcome, I’m glad to help you! If the latter, well, I think your search engine should still be able to steer you back to civilization. It can get a little weird out here on the edges.

Circle of the WordWitch is a place for me to talk about writing: craft; theory; general musings. Along with Rachel Serbicki–who runs Chicken-Scratch Plot–I started this blog to catalog both my own writing progress as I work toward publication and to hopefully offer some tasty tidbits toward people as they make their own literary journeys.

A couple things you may wish to know about me: I’m thirty years old, and I live in Michigan with my wife and our two furry, four-footed children. When I’m not writing, I like to practice archery, play Pokemon and Fire Emblem, and run (all with varying degrees of success).

I’ve been writing and creating stories ever since I knew what letters were. I imagine that isn’t too terribly unique, though, in light of how many people are called to the written word. I hold a BA in creative writing from Eastern Michigan University, and I earned my MFA in popular fiction from the Stonecoast creative writing program at University of Southern Maine.

Mostly, I focus on fantasy fiction for young- and new-adult audiences. Inevitably, some sort of Pagan or real-world magical influence finds its way into my work. This really isn’t surprising; I’ve been a practicing Pagan for nine years now, and before that I studied magic and mythology for over a decade.


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